Originating in the Netherlands, the Keeshond (pl. Keeshonden) has been bred for many years as a companion and watchdog. Known for their intelligence, they are devoted to their families, and are especially good with children. They are not aggressive toward dogs or people, but a Keeshond will definitely let you know if someone is at your door!


A medium-sized breed, the Keeshond may look larger due to his profuse coat with its shades of silver and black. He also sports cream legs, a white plumed tail, and a black mask with the trademark "spectacles". Males average 18 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh about 42 pounds; females average 17 inches and 33 pounds. Just the right size to fit on your lap, if you ask them! The Keeshond coat does not have a "doggy" odor and generally needs no more than an hour per week of grooming to stay beautiful.


Due to their compact structure, they don’t require large areas for running room. Originally bred to be a general-purpose farm dog and a watchdog on barges plying the canals of Holland, the Keeshond is by nature agile, surefooted, and versatile. They are wonderful pets even for apartment dwellers, and will adapt to their owner’s preferred level of exercise.


Incredibly affectionate and always amusing, this may be the breed for you if you want a dog to be part of your family. Close companionship brings out the best in a Keeshond and is necessary for his happiness. He wants to be included in every part of your life and will be quite vocal if left to amuse himself in the backyard!


Keeshonden are typically easy to housetrain, being very clean dogs. They respond well to training and many Kees excel in obedience and agility competition, although they are easily bored by repetitive training. Kees are highly intelligent and independent thinkers! A bored Keeshond will make things interesting for himself (and you!) by inventing new responses to commands. The Keeshond sees himself as an equal companion and friend, and will repay your friendship many times over.

If you're interested in owning a Keeshond, contact any of our members. We can tell you lots more about these interesting dogs, and help you find a breeder to work with. Some members also occasionally have adult Kees available for adoption. Those of us who have web sites are listed on the Links page.

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