Our first Concurrent Specialty went off beautifully! We had a good turnout and most exhibitors also entered our host Sacramento Kennel Club's all-breed shows, so there were plenty of majors available! It went so well that we're hoping to hold another concurrent in about six months, pending KCA and AKC approval. Stay tuned!


Complete results are available from MBF at Infodog.com. Here's a summary of the major placements:


Regular Classes, judge Eugene Blake


BOB: GChP Skyline's Unit Of Measure (Hargis/Hargis/Cullen/Cullen)

BOS: GCh Windrift's Star Jasmine (Reed)

BOW: Skyline Summerwind Order In The Court (Hargis/Hargis)

SD: GChB Jen 'N Di's Lyrical Dreams For Jo-Lyn (Perkins/Wright)

SB: Ch. Windrift's Sparkling Star (Reed)

AOM: GCh Summerwind's Sonic Boom RN BN (Berrend/Hargis/Hargis)

AOM: GCh Shainakees Faith In Song At Southcar (Hewitt/Seibert)

AOM: Kriskee Mari Marie Say It Again (Lewis-Franklin/Franklin)

WD (5 points): Skyline Summerwind Order In The Court (Hargis/Hargis)

WB (3 points): Kriskee Mari Marie Say It Again (Lewis-Franklin/Franklin)

RWD: Windrift's Living The Dream (Hirsch/Hirsch)

RWB: Windrift's Beyond Measure (Hanson)


Sweepstakes, judge Sally George


Best in Puppy Sweeps: Skyline's Absolute Measure (Cullen/Cullen)

Best Opp in Puppy Sweeps: Kriskee Mari Marie Say It Again (Lewis-Franklin/Franklin)

Best in Veteran Sweeps: GCh Windrift's Non-Negotiable Asset (McKnight)

Best Opp in Vet Sweeps: Ch. Windrift's Right On The Money (O'Neil/Reed)


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